This documentary is broken down into four chapters:

Old Number 152

Ride in the cab of this old “Iron Horse” powered by vintage coal-fired steam. In this chapter of Great American Train Adventures we travel to the Kentucky Railway Museum in New Haven, Kentucky where Old Number 152 takes a trip back in time. Beware, train robbers are always lurking in the back country! View Screenshots

Backyard Express

What’s it like having your very own riding railroad right in your own backyard? This chapter features two excellent live steam railroads in Florida including rare vintage footage of John Cassady’s Possum Flats & Eastern Railroad. Ride both layouts from the locomotive’s point of view. View Screenshots

World Class Layout

Visit what was once one of the largest HO model railroads in the world. You had to have seen the Chattanooga Southern to believe it. The layout was 174′ long with more than 3,000 feet of track. In this chapter, you’ll see closeups of some of the many structures, bridges and rolling stock in action. View Screenshots

World Class Layout

In this chapter we haul a load of coal up steep grades, over tall bridges & through deep tunnels. Enjoy a tour of the cab as we ride a TTI Railroad coal train making its run between Paris, KY and Maysville, KY. Then watch the coal being unloaded on the Ohio River.View Screenshots