Railflix is a new film studio dedicated to producing documentaries, videos & DVDs about trains and railroading. Our goal is to feature all kinds of railroads including full-scale real life railroads, model railroads and live steam/backyard railroads.

Our initial offering is a remastered, reissued documentary called Great American Train Adventures. This classic railroad documentary was produced by Railflix founder Greg Gerlach. It features four different types of railroads, large and small, real and model. Some of the railroads featured in Great American Train Adventures are no longer in existence so the documentary has become somewhat of a collector’s item because it contains rare footage that you can’t view anywhere else.

Make sure you visit the Video Library section of our website. There you will find interesting railroad videos that we have specially selected for your viewing enjoyment. In particular, we recommend you watch another documentary produced by Greg Gerlach called Chasing the Rock That Burns that aired on WLEX-TV in Lexington, Kentucky. Chasing the Rock That Burns follows a load of coal from an underground mine to a power plant and features trips on two railroads along the way.

We plan on producing more documentaries and videos in the future, so be sure to check back from time to time.